Finalist De Gouden Noot 2016 - Emmi's All in one Fondu

A complete fondue set, consisting of a metal bowl (can) with ready-to-eat cheese fondue closed with an aluminum seal and a candle holder included. The metal bowl is suitable to heat up both in microwave oven as well as in the furnace and then to place on the stand where it is kept warm by the tealight. This way you quickly have an enjoyable meal on the table. You do not need special fondue pan, do not have to prepare the cheese fondue or pour it into a different container, and you do not have to toil in the kitchen to clean your pan. The packaging is the pan. The All In One Fondü by Emmi with 400 grams of cheese is suitable for 2 persons or as a nice snack in between.

A consortium of students of the University of Twente, the Food Atelier (DeDutch), Ardagh and Emmi have all played an essential role in the project. The packaging concept offers a number of important advantages that make it possible for consumers to prepare, heat and eat cheese fondue in a quick and easy way. Everything is in the pack, there is no extra hardware necessary, and this provides great ease-of-use in every use phase, including disposal. This makes it possible to create new moments of use for the fondue enthusiast, but also to approach new user groups. This concept can also easily be used by the catering industry as a new snack to enjoy with drinks.

Registrant: Ardagh Metal Packaging

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