Finalist De Gouden Noot 2016 - BloomPost

Through the unique combination of film and a corrugated box with the right size it becomes possible to keep flowers fresh without water and cooling facilities for up to 5 days. This makes it possible to transport fresh flowers over large distances without problems. After delivery the flowers are good for at least 9 days fresh in the vase. The cleverly designed cardboard pack takes care of the proper protection of the flowers (including glass vase) during the transportation via mail or parcel delivery service. On top of that it makes unpacking the flowers a treat. The nicely printed corrugated board packaging is combined with a high-quality technological (atmosphere controlled packaging) film.

The packaging makes it possible to send flowers fresh by mail or parcel delivery without the use of water. The benefits are longer vase life, good protection against bacterial infections, no chance of water damage during transportation, savings in production costs, transportation costs, energy costs and less stock keeping risk. The main benefit is the high ratio of happy customers after the home delivery of flowers that were bought through the internet.

This packaging opens up an entirely new market for flowers – online sales can now be done at large scale. Channels that previously wouldn’t sell flowers because they don’t want water and don’t have cooling in their supply chain are now able to do this after all.

Registrant: Smurfit Kappa Zedek

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